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Here at NOF Motors we go the extra mile, so to speak, to provide the best used cars to the good people of the United States with the best possible prices and make sure their machine of choice will keep running for inhumane periods of time. To learn more about how do we make it even possible, check the segmented telling of our operational process below.

Selection of the Brand

To make sure our cars catch the attention of as many good folks as possible and therefore make us able to connect with preferably countless people we only provide few certain number of brands of cars. Our selection of cars is chosen from only from brands that are known for their comfort, durability, reliability, versatility, affordability and accessibility. You’ll have a general idea about our cars before you even see them in real life.

Selection of the Individual Car

Even though some of car brands are known for their overall betterness neither us and nor you blindly put your faith behind the renown of a brand just because. This is why we rigorously examine every single potential purchase before we give that car the honor of joining our ranks. We never let cars that have let their previous owners down to ever get parked in our garage, nor do we ever purchase severely damaged cars to paint and resell them to inexperienced individuals. We know that everyone who wants to buy a car has a dream in their minds. Whether it be their first car, or a compact one for their recently expanded family we only care to make sure their car serves its new masters’ purposes as long as physically possible.

Preparation for the Sale

After we procure good used cars produced by respected and well-known brands we restart the examination process of our cars by getting them vetted professional mechanics who has at least 20 years behind them in the profession. We make sure those masters of the art install only state of the art new parts and touch every single aspect of our cars so that our customers face no surprises in the long run (pun itended). Even though you buy used cars from us, those cars are almost entirely rebuilt and renewed before you ever visit us so that you buy used cars that are as good as new cars.


Even though we don’t skimp on purchasing and repairing processes we don’t take kindly on our own bottom line. We are aware that times are harder than ever, and during these trying times people cannot make ends meet without a car, the only reliable way to reach your destination within a reliable timeframe and budget. Here at NOF Motors we try to be the dealer that as many people as possible will remember as their vehicular savior in their time of need. To make it happen we price our cars out with the most competitive and affordable prices. Doing this, we aim to play a double game: by selling our cars for cheaper we sell more cars therefore we make the same profit in the same timeframe but at the end we touch more people’s lives and their appreciation becomes our bonus and our inspiration to get out of the bed every morning.